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Do you know of a document that gives a clear, concise overview of the
process to configure SAMBA to work in an NT domain with autofs? As an MCSE
trying to learn how to use Linux, I find the process very frustrating. 
I can find about a billion documents that tell how to configure specific
parts (smb.conf, auto.master, auto.misc...), but I can't find a document
that gives a conceptual overview of the entire process-what steps need to be
performed in order to accomplish a goal. It is very time consuming to read
man pages and FAQs on the LDP-and they all tell you how to configure one
piece of the puzzle. There is nothing that I have found that gives a broad
overview of which pieces go together. 
In the Windows world I am used to having documentation that tells you what
steps are necessary to accomplish a task, and documentation on how to
perform each step. Linux works entirely differently and I feel that the
conceptual overviews of processes are missing. The documentation seems to
assume a high level of competence and knowledge of what pieces are needed to
get something to work.
I would like to see a document that tells what steps need to be in place for
Linux machines to co-exist on an NT domain, automounting the shares.
Below are the steps that I know about in this process. 
Smb.conf has to be configured
Smbd and nmbd have to be running
The machine has to be added to the NT domain
What has to be done about passwords?
Nfs has to be running
Auto.master has to be configured
Auto.misc has to be configured
I would be happy to write some documentation to fulfill that need for
others-the problem is I am still trying to get the big picture. I am missing
at least one part of the puzzle, as I still have 2 Redhat machines that will
not see each others' SAMBA shares. Once I get this solved I would be happy
to contribute so that others can avoid the 16+ hours I have spent in pouring
through disjointed documentation. I think this type of broad overview with
supporting help on configuring the steps is needed to help people convert
from the GUI based Windows world to the building-block world of Linux. 
Thanks for your consideration.
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