Insufficient files and memory

Nelson ngcnet at
Thu Oct 12 01:21:25 GMT 2000

Dear Chris,

I try to use files=250 but it don't work.
With the memory I try Qemm but its freezes the machine all the time.
I will wait for more sugest.
I make a Clipper program to open file by files and it just open 40
files to 60 files.
I can not find the problem , there is not a possibility for this
happen just with me !!!
Somebody help me plaese !!!


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No dia 11/10/2000, 21:12:16, Chris Watt <cnww at> escreveu o
seguinte sobre o tema Re: Insufficient files and memory:

> At 12:37 AM 10/12/00 GMT, nelson wrote:
> >When I switch to client 3.0 I became have a problem with insuficient
> >files , I increase then in my config but it seems don't respect the
> >config.

> In general if you have a files=X line in your config.sys file (and
> sure to reboot so the change takes effect) it will work unless you're
> strange stuff in the file (e.g. your "files=" line is part of some
> configuration block that doesn't always execute, or you have another
> "files=" line elsewhere in the file which sets a different value). I'd
> suggest you use a version of dos that comes with memmaker (or better
> obtain a copy of QEMM386), simplify your config.sys and autoexec.bat
> much as possible (disable any TSRs that aren't strictly necessary, try
> keep the files less than 6 lines each), free up as much conventional
> as you can (with memmaker or QEMM's optimizer, or just by playing with
> loadhigh, himem.sys and emm386 settings by hand), and give it another
> It involves M$ stuff, so it'll never work well, but it can be made to
> in a barely usable fashion if you put enough effort into it ;)

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