Samba PDC and W2K client?

Ken D'Ambrosio kend at
Thu Oct 12 00:20:12 GMT 2000

I've got a domain running on a Samba 2.1.x PDC, and '95 and NT have no
problem (especially after reading the docs ;-), but I can NOT add W2K to
the domain for love or money -- it always gives me a username/password
challenge when trying to add it (even though I already have a
corresponding entry for the machine on the Samba box).  Is this possible?
Or should I save myself the grief now, and just give up until 2.2.x hits
the streets?  (Note: I've poked around everywhere I can possibly think of,
including lurking on this list and reading some of the archives, and
haven't found anything that really answers this question -- apologies in
advance if I missed something obvious.)

Thanks for any input,

Ken D'Ambrosio
Xanoptix, Inc.

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