Insufficient files and memory

Chris Watt cnww at
Thu Oct 12 00:12:16 GMT 2000

At 12:37 AM 10/12/00 GMT, nelson wrote:
>When I switch to client 3.0 I became have a problem with insuficient 
>files , I increase then in my config but it seems don't respect the 

In general if you have a files=X line in your config.sys file (and make
sure to reboot so the change takes effect) it will work unless you're doing
strange stuff in the file (e.g. your "files=" line is part of some
configuration block that doesn't always execute, or you have another
"files=" line elsewhere in the file which sets a different value). I'd
suggest you use a version of dos that comes with memmaker (or better yet
obtain a copy of QEMM386), simplify your config.sys and autoexec.bat as
much as possible (disable any TSRs that aren't strictly necessary, try to
keep the files less than 6 lines each), free up as much conventional memory
as you can (with memmaker or QEMM's optimizer, or just by playing with
loadhigh, himem.sys and emm386 settings by hand), and give it another shot.
It involves M$ stuff, so it'll never work well, but it can be made to work
in a barely usable fashion if you put enough effort into it ;)


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