MS Terminal Server with Citrix Metaframe Published Applications

Karyn Joseph josephk at
Wed Oct 11 21:57:38 GMT 2000

Has anyone seen this type of behavior?

This only occurs with Windows Terminal Server 4.0, with Citrix Metaframe
using published applications.  If I do this through the server directly,
this problem does not occur and samba shares are available.

What happens is when a user logs in, their roaming profile is loaded
including their drive mappings.  All the NT drive mappings are available,
but any maps to Unix drives (using samba) are shown with a red X through
the network connection.

If they double click on the connection they get a message saying:
"You do not have access to the folder 'I:\'.  See your Administrator to
access this folder."  (My I:\ is mapped to my unix directory through

If they go further to network neighborhood, server name, share through file
open menu they are prompted for their password and are allowed to use the
share from there on in that session.  This is a work-a-round for now, but
won't work in the long run.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

If you could reply through email to me directly, it would be very helpful,
getting to the newsgroup is not easy with our Internet configuration.


Karyn Joseph   		       EIT - Teradyne, Inc.
UNIX Administrator	       

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