question on rights

Tom Wilson twilson at
Wed Oct 11 20:52:36 GMT 2000

I have setup a SAMBA link for an FTP site.  The account's home directory is
on my NT Server.  The mount works and I can access the mount point no
problem.  However, from the FTP side, I receive the following message:

ftp> put A:\SETUP.INI
200 PORT command successful.
553 SETUP.INI: Permission denied.

I have tried everything I can on the /etc/smb.conf and cannot seem to figure
out the reasoning.  It may be in my mount statement, so I added the 'rw'
option for provide rw access... still nothing.  If you look at the directory
from LINUX, you will see that you cannot CHMOD the rights.  It is locked
down to no wrtie access.  Any ideas?  Or did I just overlook something?


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