Samba/Windows Case Sensitivity

Jay Thompson J.Thompson at NAU.EDU
Wed Oct 11 19:51:39 GMT 2000

For brevity, I won't include much detail in the following question about
samba/windows case sensitivity. I'm assuming that someone out there
has spent significant time working with this issue and knows what I'm
dealing with before I even explain it.

If I create two files on the UNIX file system, "MYFILE" and "myfile".
Windows shows me both of them, and I can work with either of them
in some cases, but windows can "get confused" about which file it's
working with.

Per the samba FAQ, I have my global settings in smb.conf set as

	short preserve case = yes
	preserve case = yes

Even still, it is not safe to work with UNIX-stored files whose only
filename difference is the case of the characters used in the filename.

Is this simply a limitation of samba/windows. Or is there something else I can
do in smb.conf (or on the windows client side) to get windows to function
unambiguously as a truly case-sensitive environment (like UNIX)?


Jay Thompson
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