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Scott Wilson Scott.Wilson at
Wed Oct 11 16:08:36 GMT 2000

I am debuging a problem, and looking for information on the way Samba
carries the time back to a application when a file is saved.  Does it do any
rounding of the partial seconds?

The long story...  I have a CAD application that opens an assembly of many
files (typically 60 to 80).  Upon saving all modified files are saved, and
then the assembly is save.  The application does record a lot of time, file
modification information in the assembly.  It application complains that the
"file on the disk was changed since it was opened" and may fail to load all
of the files, upon opening the assembly.  If all the files are copied,
creating a later modified date, the assembly opens without complaint.  With
the data storede on the local box the assembly opens without complaint.  The
application techs point to Samba, but still they have not answered why in
the previous version it failed to complain, and it loaded all the files.
And I keeping pointing out that failing to load the files is a problem with
the application.  I've been going nowhere fast with this.

My theory is that the timestamp is getting rounded off along the way back to
the application.  Then upon loading the file the application sees the date
on some files (about half) earlier then what was reported in the assembly
file.  This seems to throw the application in to a tizzy.  The application
seems OK with a later date on the files.

Sorry for the long, long message.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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