Multiple workgroups (was Dear Ol' Samba)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Oct 11 15:10:02 GMT 2000

gcarter at wrote:
> >         It's barely possible, by running two separate sambas.
> >         Another commentator tried it, and had the expected
> >         severe but non-fatal difficulties(;-))
> Ummm...Dave I used to run this all the time.  What
> were the difficulties?  Browsing is a little odd,
> but all in all it was fine.  I even ran one smbd/nmbd
> pair off of a virtual interface.

	Yes, but you know how Samba works, and the user(s) 
	don't: the discussion went back and forth a lot
	as he discoverd how to configure two samba trees.

	I think he blew his lock directory at least once...
	anyone remember?

	Hmmn: maybe one of the documentation volunteers
	should draft a how-to and have you sanity check it?

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