Memory usage in Samba 2.0.7

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Wed Oct 11 14:40:22 GMT 2000

> Could you provide any details on how you customised/automated the smb.conf
> file, please? I'm not familiar with amd maps.
> Thanks.
> Gary Vetter
> ND Retirement and Investment Office
I will describe what I did in principle, since details will vary from site
to site.

AMD maps are automounter maps and describe how to get from
path -> remote-host:path
  or -> local_path (with host)

We use AMD in preference to Sun's automounter because has (certainly in the
past, may not be so true now) better resilience and more features.

So with a perl script it is possible to process the AMD map to produce
a set of paths -> host:path mappings.  In some cases there can be multiple
mappings (and my script copes with these) due to replication, and in
some cases there can be architecture and otehr determinants of the mapping,
(which my script does not cope with).

This is then combined with a smb.vol config file to use the paths specified
in the smb.vol to map shares (using path given in share) to hosts.

This means you can then create smb.vol.HOST files where HOST is hostname
and in your main smb.conf have a line like:

   include = /LOCAL/samba/smb.vol.%h

The other thing I had to allow for was unmappable shares (eg I export
the log files on each host - but this directory is not AMD mapped at all).

Thats the theory - doing the AMD parsing is a little tricky and in my case
depended a bit on our conventions, the technique I used was to parse
generating a set of partial mappings and then combine to produce a
set of full mappings.  Also beware AMD mappings may only be part of path,
so need to use longest mapping.

I am not sure the code is that helpful - but it can be seen at:

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