Mounting root partition under Samba?

Scott Ehrlich se at
Wed Oct 11 12:52:15 GMT 2000

Hello to all:

I am experimenting with Samba at home on a Slackware Linux box and Win NT
4.0 workstation.   Simple tests worked fine, and I was able to mount a
test share from my linux box to my NT box.  Now, I wish to try mounting /
(root) from my linux box onto my NT box.  Since mounting appears to prefer
more than \\host\ how do I represent mount my root partition from my NT

For some background, I have Slackware 7.0, latest kernel (2.2.17), latest
FTPed version of Samba, NT 4.0, SP 6A (3 Intel boxes, 1 Sparc 5).



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