Ryan Detert rcdetert at
Tue Oct 10 23:57:25 GMT 2000

I originally had a user named 'chris' on my linux machine but then deleted
the user by typing 'userdel chris' and then adding him again using
'useradd chris' 

I then assigned 'chris' a passwd in samba using 'smbpasswd'

Before I originally deleted chris, his windows computer worked fine as
long as he logged into his Win98 machine as 'chris'. 

My reason for deleting him from my linux machine was so that he could log
into linux through samba with Win98 username 'christopher' 

To try and remedy this I tried to edit the smbusers file and added the
following line

chris = chris christopher Christopher

Now, no matter what I try. When I log into the Win98 machine as either
'chris' or 'christopher' and open network neighborhood, my linux machine
tells me that the passwd is invalid.

-any help would be great. THANX!

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