Multiple smbd daemons and Windows Explorer problems

David Evans-Roberts daveer at
Tue Oct 10 15:24:52 GMT 2000

I am new to samba and am evaluating it for our use.  I compiled version
2.0.7 for Solaris with the options with-smbwrapper and with-nisplus.
Install went OK and by and large it seems to work satisfactorily.  However I
have two problems of which the first is the more serious:

	1) Whenever I do a copy of a file a child process of the smbd daemon
	   created and does not die.  I start the daemon from a script in 
	   /etc/rc2.d and have only modified inetd.conf for the swat entry.
	   In main usage I would soon get hundreds of smbd daemons.

	2) From my NT box in Windows Explorer when I double click on my test

         folder the contents are displayed, but the folder symbol remains
	   If I copy a file to the folder then I have to manually refresh to

My smb.conf file reads as follows:

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from localhost (
# Date: 2000/10/05 18:54:43

# Global parameters
        workgroup = HR
        domain logons = yes
        dns proxy = no
        encrypt passwords = yes
        log file = /var/log/samba
        log level = 2
        password server = DRIZZLE HAIL SNOW
        security = domain
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
        load printers = no
        username map = /etc/samba/usermap.txt
        comment = For testing only
        path = /test
        writeable = Yes
        guest ok = Yes
        guest account = nobody

On a more general issue.  Is there any way of searching the archives?
Manually slogging through month by month is exceedingly slow with our

Thanks in advance for any help.
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