Win explorer issues

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Oct 10 14:15:40 GMT 2000

Gary James wrote:
| The file often makes it to the drive on the samba server.
| After I get the error from windows I end up with 2 processes on the
| samba server attached to the client. The first (original) process
| still has the file open (SWAT reports... Sharing=DENY_ALL,
| oplock=NONE). At this point the second process seems to have taken
| over the connection.

	Aha: the client had failed, disconnected and reconnected.
	I'll send you a note on diagnosing this in a sec...

| Last week I changed out my firewall hardware. In doing so I messed
| part of the script that the modifies the /etc/hosts file. Now samba
| not on the firewall, but it broke.

	You probably dinged your internal routing... which raises
	this question:
	Does your firewall connect to multiple internal subnets
	and route between them? If so, it could be adding delays
	to the file transfers, causing the client to time out,
	disconnect and reconnect...

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