Subject: problem with Samba

Andrew Oliver acomaillists at
Tue Oct 10 13:01:26 GMT 2000


I'm testing a patch from urban w. which may correct
this problem.  I have attached our correspondence. 
This is a problem in smbfs in the kernel.  I am in the
process of trying to get a compilable patched kernel
and then I will test it against the OS/2 warp 4 server
that is causing the problem (once it comes back up). 
I just thought I'd pass this along since I thought I
was going mad or had seriously misconfigured something
before he answered my original similar cry for help. 
This appears to be a bug with any NT4 or OS/2 to linux



On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Andrew Oliver wrote:

> I have a RH 6.2 system with Samba "2.07-4".  My
> problem is that no *.bat and *.cmd files are visible
> to the samba mounted share in a paticular 3rd layer
> directory (to ls or cp).  I am assuming the remote
> machine is an NT4 server.  The bat and cmd files ARE

[Note to the list, it turned out to be an OS/2 box]

> Sep 26 10:43:56 acoliver98 kernel:
> copied, parm=4079 of 4079, data=220 of 4079
> Sep 26 10:43:56 acoliver98 kernel:
> copied, parm=4079 of 4079, data=4079 of 4079

Could you try the attached patch vs 2.2.18-pre15
(You need 2.2.17 + pre-patch-2.2.18-15.gz and then the
attached patch)

Anyone else seeing wierd things with dir listings
should test this too.

smbfs is asking the server to return more data than
the negotiated 
transfer size. This causes things to not work with NT4
and is possibly 
reason for why OS/2 returns data that needs extra

(NT4 testcase: make a dir with directories 001 - 083
on NTFS, the 
 over smbfs should fail).


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