Continued problem w/ smbmount & dir permissions

Brian Poole rajak at
Tue Oct 10 04:47:46 GMT 2000


Been trying to solve this problem for a while, posted to the mailing list
a few months back to no avail.

The short description is this, Linux 2.2.18pre15 mounting a share with
full RW permissions from a Win2k Professional machine. Can write fine, as
long as I'm not attempting to write to the root of the directory it was
mounted at. Doesn't matter what fmask & dmask I specify with smbmount when
it mounts it applies the masks to the subdirs, but not to the root dir it
is mounted at. This is samba 2.0.7 and the share is shared correctly, I
can write to the root of the share with smbclient or other tools. The
problem is simply that when it mounts it the root dir has the wrong
permissions for what i would like.

If you'd like more details I would be happy to provide them. Please CC: me
with any replies, I am not currently on the list due to high traffic.

Thank you,


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