Problem using masquerading and samba

Eduardo Diaz Uriarte ediazuri at
Mon Oct 9 23:04:52 GMT 2000

I fuond a similar problem using the 'firewals' package os suse. The problem was that the firewall
(masquearade) was not allowing some conections from the intranet except for some ports. Ie, there were only
some ports allowed. When I changed it allowing every port from the intranet (I use Samba at home so, at this
moment, I still believe in my parents) it started working.

Hope it wokrs for you :-)

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> Hi there...
> I have got a problem using samba and masquerading at the same time. My
> private LAN looks as follows:
>                                                                    |
>  Computer A -------------------------- Computer B ------------------INTERNET
>  (Win2000)     LAN (100Mbit/s)    Linux kernel 2.2.14,       ISDN  |
>                                   samba 2.0.7, masquerading,
>                                   64MB RAM, AMD K62-350
> Everything works fine, except when using samba (e.g. by copying files from A
> to B). Then all connections from A to the internet are VERY slow.
> Connections from A to B (using FTP or HTML) are not affected at all.
> I don't know why, because B's CPU load is about 40% and the LAN's bandwidth
> should be large enough.
> Does anybody has an idea?
> Thank you!
> Frank. (frank at

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