Samba Dropping Mounts - "Broken Pipe" msgs

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Oct 9 21:47:57 GMT 2000

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 auto852 at wrote:

> ok thanks for being clearer. :) I am still new to this stuff tho, so how 
> exactly do I build a non-redhat kernel? I have someone with a few years 
> of linux experience who has been helping out but he couldn't figure it out 
> and samba is driving him nuts so he just wants us to build another system 
> that recognizes larger drives instead (which we cannot afford at this time 
> and either way I would like to get samba fully functional even if and when 
> we build another box in the future) so could you do me/us a HUGE favor and 
> point us in the right direction? please. :) 

I believe I included something in my last mail, and this pointer. Did you
read all of my mail?

Read it carefully. Understand what you need to do.

Download linux-2.2.17.tar.gz from here:
And pre-patch-2.2.18-15.gz from here:

Where xx is your country code (like us or something).

After unpacking the kernel source there is a README inside that explains
everything. Read that one too. It even describes how to apply the
pre-patch (except that the patch-kernel script doesn't understand

Configuring the kernel is an important step, it requires you to pick
drivers for your hardware, filesystems and so. Almost all options have a
help section attached, go through everything and read the help on all
options you are uncertain what they do.

Don't experiment on production systems. Don't panic.


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