Samba Dropping Mounts - "Broken Pipe" msgs

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Oct 9 12:11:45 GMT 2000

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000 auto852 at wrote:

> Thanks again Urb, :) ok well in alan's 2.2.18 kernel ftp dir there was/is 
> a readme that says the patch is for but anyways...we applied the 
> patches 2.2.17-pre20 and then 2.2.18pre10 and recompiled the kernel but....
> 1) the patches were looking for directories that didn't exist on Redhat 
> 6.2 kernel 2.2.16-3 so we skipped passed them and recompiled the kernel 
> the kernel anway. It looked like it patched quite a bit but after recompiling 
> the kernel version hadn't changed.

If the kernel version doesn't change, then you are not running the new

The patch is not for a RedHat kernel. It is vs Linux kernel 2.2.17, not
RedHat kernel 2.2.16-3, there is a difference. You probably (hopefully)
got a few errors compiling so it never actually built anything.

If I wasn't clear enough, I'm suggesting you build and boot a non-RedHat
kernel. Put the new kernel on a floppy or use a separate machine to avoid
messing up your existing system.

> 3) I also have a problem with the permissions changing after remounting. 
> Half of the mounts permissions change for no reason while the other half 
> of the mounts are what they are supposed to be. (and all the shares on the 
> NT side have the same identical permissions). 

Please give an example of what the permissions were before and what they
are after.


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