NT trouble...

Johan Niklasson Johan.Niklasson at leanback.se
Mon Oct 9 08:23:21 GMT 2000

Hi ppl!

I'm new to the list so bear with me since I'm most certainly will ask
something that you regard as really simple...;)

I've tried to set up SAMBA on a Red Hat Linux server and it looks ok, all
servers started and stuff, but then problems arise.
I wanted to share users home directories (the Linux server is supposed to be
a fileserver) automagically, but I don't see
any of it if I browse the network neigbourhood, but if I specify the address
I can find the server.

Then the next problem arises, I keep getting the same error message, User
not authorized to connect from the client or whatever it says.
But there are no restrictions set at all as to whom or from where they are
trying to connect?

Is there like a really newbie-type "get started in 2 seconds"-SAMBA guide?


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