Win explorer issues

Greg Cockburn greg at
Sun Oct 8 07:24:08 GMT 2000

I am having a few issues with copying / moving files on the samba server
using windows explorer. I also watch clients (eg Netscape caching) come
to a grinding halt for a period of time if they are reading/writing
files to a network drive.

If I move / copy a file to a share on the samba server it will move the
status bar all the way across, sit there for a while then pop up this

'Cannot create or replace <filename>. The specified network resource or
device is no longer available.'

and then most of the time if I try it again in a few seconds it works
fine. There are few files that have been severly problematic, but I
can't nail it down to any one thing. I have played around with oplocks,
filenames, sizes (bigger ones are more problematic), max xmit, and
various other smb.conf stuff that I thought may be at fault. I just
can't nail it down to one thing.

Any ideas anyone? :-(

Greg Cockburn
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