Still have a few questions about Samba...

Stephane Ouellette so at
Fri Oct 6 21:04:53 GMT 2000

Hi everyone,

    I have successfully configured a Samba PDC for both Win98 and NT4
machines using Samba pre3.0.0 (running RedHat 6.2 on Intel) but I still
have a few questions :

1-  When a user is logged on the domain from a Win98 machine, the
command "NET USE Z: /HOME" doesn't connect the user's home drive (from
NT4, it works).  I had to create a logon script for each Win98 user that

has the following command : "NET USE Z: \\MYPDC\USERNAME".   When I
first used Samba 2.0.7, I could connect the home drive using "NET USE Z:

/HOME"...   Any suggestions ?

2-  I would like to create shares on the Win98 machines that are
accessible from the NT4 stations.  In the network neighborhood, I can
see the Win98 machine but it complains with an "access denied" message
when I double-click on it...   I tried to change to the Win98 machine's
configuration from "share-access level" to "user-access level" but the
Samba PDC doesn't send a list of users to Win98.  Is this a role that
Samba can't actually do ??   (Note that the Win98 users can access all
shares on the NT machines)

Thank you.

Stephane Ouellette
Software designer
Tektrend International inc.

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