Login problem.

Hans van Reenen H.vanReenen at uci.kun.nl
Fri Oct 6 10:00:07 GMT 2000


I cannot login on a samba server.

sambaserver (service): hans
username: hans

I use the command: net use s: \\hans\hans. At home everything works well 
but at work -when I am logged on in a NT network with username 'hare'- it
did not work. The following message appear in the samba logfile.

[2000/10/06 11:36:52, 1] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(925)
  Rejecting user 'hare': authentication failed

User 'hare' is the NT username, not the samba server. In the login
procedure on the samba server username 'hare' is used. How is that
possible ? In other words: when using "net use s: \\hans\hans", username
'hare' is append.

Many thanks in advance.

Hans van Reenen

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