Fw: Making a printer available for only one network ?

patrick Pelgrims patrick.pelgrims at pandora.be
Fri Oct 6 06:37:11 GMT 2000

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Van: patrick Pelgrims <patrick.pelgrims at pandora.be>
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Datum: vrijdag 6 oktober 2000 8:36
Onderwerp: Making a printer available for only one network ?

We have installed a FireWall between two network's 10.50.10.x and 10.50.20.x.
How should i setup samba to make it possible to share the local installed printer
available for both networks while all other possible file accesses are only possible 
via the internal (10.50.20.x) network.
What we would like provide a FW with network-printer function :-).
Hoping to receive some positive reaction, I meanwhile remain,
    P. Pelgrims
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