Samba timeserver with Win2K clients

Craig McPherson craig at
Fri Oct 6 05:39:28 GMT 2000

I'm using Samba with Debian Linux.  The hardware clock is set
to GMT, the timezone is set to US/Central, and the Linux box displays
time correctly.

I'm using Samba's time server utility, and I have the user login scripts
set so that they run "net time \\server" to synchronize with the
Samba time server during every logon (yes, I have given the Users
group on the Windows machines the right to change the time).

This works for my Win9x and NT4 clients.  They synchronize the time
properly.  But after the Win2K clients run this command and sync with
the server, they're exactly one hour slow.  All client computers are
set to US/Central.  I can set the Win2K clients to US/Eastern, and
then they synchronize "correctly", but I don't want the timezone to
be set incorrectly.

Any advice about this would be appreciated.

Craig McPherson
Network Admin, Baptist Student Union
Fayetteville, Arkansas
craig at

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