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Fri Oct 6 00:11:25 GMT 2000

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 12:41:28 -0400
 "David Fields" <dfields at sctcorp.com> wrote:

thanks tried various things and no we don't have any NT servers at all...
what ended up being a viable (learned that word from the flick Falling Down)
solution was to:

Right-click on Network Neighborhood | Find Computer | <ipofsambaserver> 
Double-click the samba server and it'll display the folders then just right
click and map to network drive each service you wish to connect to.  This works
great...no problems.

#We had a similar issue with using Checkpoint's Securemote as our VPN
#solution and accessing Samba shares from Unix boxes inside our
#firewall.  Our samba setup was to use NT domain authentication, with
#an NT server as the Wins machine.  So far, I've got it to work on the
#Unix/Samba server that I'm responsible for.  The setup on the windows
#machine needs to be the following so you can browse:
#Need to tell the Client for Microsoft Networks that you're in a NT
#Need to put your internal WINS address in there
#Make sure your machine is in the same workgroup
#(and it might help if you also put in an internal DNS server if you're
#not advertising all of your internal names on your external network)

#The one thing on the Samba config that kept us from working was we
#were too paranoid on our server.  With our setup, I've had to change
#the "host allow" line in my smb.conf file to the following:  hosts
#allow = ANY,localhost.  We originally had it set up to only allow

thanks I forgot to allow that SUBNET in ....dooohh
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