veto files and Office 2000

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Try this :
veto files = /.?*/

The current directory in unix is represented by '.' and therefore vetoing '.*'
the current directory, hence trying to change a file in the home directory will
denied, but by adding the ? it only means that files with more than one
starting with '.' are vetoed - this worked for me.

Richard Brodie
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"Matthew Foust" <mfoust at> on 06-10-2000 02:29:06 AM

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Subject:  veto files and Office 2000

I was wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to this:

We are running Samba 2.0.7 on Solaris 2.6.

veto files = /.*/

conflicts with MS Office 2000.  One can access files on shares with no problem.
However, if you try and place an image into a PowerPoint presentation, for
example, via the Insert -> Picture -> From File menu option, you get a
permission error.  I first thought it might be a Windows 2000 issue, but later
figured out it is tied ONLY to Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2000.  All other apps on
Win2k are fine.  Disabling 'veto files = /.*/' fixed the problem.

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