3rd Party Authentication

David Fields dfields at sctcorp.com
Thu Oct 5 16:10:36 GMT 2000

This sounds similar to our set up.  Is your print server running samba
and using LPR/LPD to print to the printers?  If so, I might be able to
help.  There's some wierd stuff with user authentication when it comes
to printers in that it *also* requires a user on the Unix box (least,
it did when I was installing/testing our setup using 2.0.6).  If this
is similar to your situation, let me know and I can send you some
samples of our smb.conf file (cleaned up for security reasons of

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Question for the Samba gurus out there.

at work we have a NT domain, and several printers. But the printers
are not connectd to the domain server directly. All the printers are
hooked into a machine dedicated to print jobs (i.e. domain is say
DOM1, but the printers are things like \\printserv\U2-F2-H4) When you
connect to these printers in WINDOWS, you use you domain login to
access them (login: DOM1\username). How can I access these printers
via Samba??


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