Christian Seip Christian.Seip at t-online.de
Thu Oct 5 16:07:20 GMT 2000


Rob Tanner schrieb:

> security=domain means that PDC and not the smbpasswd file is the point of
> authentication.  The smbpasswd file is not referred to at all.  Of course,

I thought that too. But I *had* domain authentication and I *had* (because I
didn't know better) user added to the smbpasswd without a password. And samba
did *not* ask me for a password connecting to other user's homes. Yep, and I
*had* plain text passwords enabled, by the way. I did everything wrong what you
can do wrong. :-)

I've been wondering and I can't explain why samba still used the smbpasswd even
with "security=domain". When I removed the users from the smbpasswd, samba
asked me for a password. No matter what I entered, it was wrong, even with the
correct password. And since the moment, I finally disabled plain text
passwords, it works as it should.

> the underlying security method on UNIX/Linux is file ownerships and
> permissions and so the domain user account must map to a valid UNIX/Linux
> account on the SAMBA server or the user won't be able to access any files
> other than as a guest.

Em, samba did not map to guest because the user authenticated without a
password. I did set "null passwords = true", too. Maybe that's why it didn't
use domain security any more.


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