Samba Speed Question - Please Help!

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Oct 5 12:14:51 GMT 2000

  If the poster could describe the size and contents of the directory,
we could do a little experiment with ufs and samba to see if the 
problem lies in the OS or Samba...
  Older Solaris systems were slow updating heavily-hit directories,
which hits the Windows "rename, copy/edit, save, delete" sequence
right between the eyes, but didn't hurt "copy *" operations, so 
the data and the use of it are relevant.

  And, as always, if the data is structured like 27july1944.jsmit.23,
it should be changed to a layout like july1944/27/jsmit.23, so as
to keep the directoiry sizes small and bounded...

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