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Ahmed RAHAL arahal at taranis-services.fr
Thu Oct 5 10:56:30 GMT 2000


> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Hilbert Mostert wrote:
> > I discovered that user1 can view other homedirs if the other user, say
> > user2, is logged in, by simply typing in the network neighbourhood
> > \\server\user2.
> > is  this a bug, or are there work arounds, or is it my fault? my os is
> > RedHat 6.2 and Samba 2.0.7
> That is expected. If user1 and user2 where Unix shell users then they
> would be able to see each other's files too.
> If this isn't desired behaviour then change the Unix permissions on the
> User's home directories so that only the owner has read/search
> permission (for more information see Unix man pages on chmod and umask,
> and the smb.conf "create mask" parameter).

I tryied this out, on samba 2.0.4 (HP-UX).
I am user1 and type \\server\user2 this
shows me my own homedir as if I had
typed \\server\user1 ... strange ...

Ahmed Rahal

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