Dealing with ":2f" in the middle of filenames

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at
Thu Oct 5 08:47:15 GMT 2000


I have a netatalk server for a heard of macs, and I'm having trouble with the
PCs getting short names instead of the long names because of a ":" in the name. 
The ":" is part of ":2f" which is what netatalk encodes "/" as in the filename.

I'm trying to adapt "mangled map" to convert the ":2f" to "-", but it is having
trouble with the code in the middle of the file.  If it is at the end, there is
no trouble.

mangled map = (*:2f *-) (:2f* -*)

What do i need to change to get it to mangle the netatalk code in the middle of
the file?

I've just subscribed, so if there are any troubles, please email me directly, as
well as the list.

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