W2K/Samba 2.0.7 problem possible resolution

Norman yourdog at hypermall.net
Thu Oct 5 07:02:39 GMT 2000

For folks that are seeing problems with getting "Access Denied" when trying
to connect from W2K to samba and the problem is not one of password encryption,
you may want to change the netbios name, or add a netbios alias to the server
(it seems to be the fix I was looking for).

It looks like it was only the boxes that were configured as domain controllers
on my home network were having the problems.  In stand-alone or non-W2K DC
boots on the same system, I couldn't access shares via the hostname, but I
could via the IP.  I'm guessing that the computer account in the Active
Directory was tied to the OS install since most of my machines are multi-boot.


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