Samba, NBT and DOS

Bryan Feir bryan at
Wed Oct 4 20:54:39 GMT 2000

> Has anyone successfully setup NetBIOS over TCP in a DOS 6.x environment?
> There's some tests I like to do involving Ghost and a Samba share for
> rebuilding PC's.
> We presently use Novell IPX and it takes 15-20 minutes to build an NT box at
> 100Mbps from a 1.2GB image. Over Maestro NFS it takes about 5 minutes. We'd
> like to compare SaMBa, but are having trouble knowing where to start. I know
> it'll be NDIS and requires the 5.x supplement disk for LANMAN (which we don't
> have, of course), but whose TCP/IP stack do you use? and I thought that
> version of LanMan was NetBEUI? Or am I missing something obvious?

   We've set up NetBIOS over TCP, talking to Samba running under Solaris.
Aside from the DHCP client on the DOS Lan Manager not apparently accepting
the responses the Solaris DHCP server gives (responses that work just fine
on the Windows 95 side), it works just fine.

   Microsoft has the disks on its web site: I believe you want the two
files in <>: DSK3-1.EXE and
DSK3-2.EXE.  Run each of those on some DOS system with a 3.5 inch disk in
the drive, and you can create the disks needed to install the Lan Manager
client software on DOS.  Some of the 'please insert XX disk' is messed up
in the setup program, as I recall.

   The setup program in that version does include its own TCP/IP stack,
and the ability to run Lan Manager over it.  Since the automatic setup
(DHCP) didn't work for me, I set up all the IP address and such manually.

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