Problem with Printer-Name Conversions

Brent Fulgham brent.fulgham at
Wed Oct 4 16:52:03 GMT 2000

Were the Samba internals changed between the 1.9X series
and 2.0.5-ish to convert '$' to '_' when doing %p

The specific instance I'm researching involves a site
that had named several printers things like:


When they moved to 2.0.5, they started losing documents
sent to these printers.

The print logs show:

[filename] printed to _DELUXE
[filename] printed to _CSS

Which is just use of the "%p" tag in the print command:

print command:  enq -P %p %s

Since no _DELUXE printer is set up to be understood
by the AIX enq (enqueue) command, the files get dropped.

I have already attempted to use the "valid character"
option in my smb.conf file, trying the literal '$'
character, it's ASCII decimal equivalent, and it's
ASCII Hex equivalent.

Any other ideas?  (Aside from making them change the
printer name ;-)



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