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--On 10/04/00 09:43:09 AM +0200 Hilbert Mostert 
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> Hello,
> I discovered that user1 can view other homedirs if the other user, say
> user2, is logged in, by simply typing in the network neighbourhood
> \\server\user2.  is  this a bug, or are there work arounds, or is it my
> fault? my os is RedHat 6.2 and Samba 2.0.7
> Thanks,
> Hilbert

Hmmm...  You said user1 can see user2's files if user2 is logged in.  What 
if user2 is not logged in?  This sounds like a permissions issue.  Make 
sure homedirs have UNIX permissions of 0700, meaning only the owner can 
read them.  Also, make sure you are using the correct authentication 
security level (i.e., share, user, server or domain).  My servers, for 
example, all use domain level and are members of an NT domain.  Anybody who 
is authenticated into the domain has access to any shares on the SAMBA 
servers with the appropriate permissions set which is normative in an NT 
network.  In the UNIX world file perms are the ultimate ACL.

BTW, and not to sound like an advertisement, but a large number of the 
questions I see posted on this list are answered -- and frequently better 
answered -- in the O'Reilly "Using SAMBA" book.  Some or all of the text is 
available on-line, but it's hard to curl up at night with my web browser 
and so I prefer the printed version.

-- Rob

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