samba 2.05a, linux and "access denied"

Michael Gleibman michaelg at
Wed Oct 4 09:22:23 GMT 2000

i have some strange problem here with subj.
there is samba 2.05a intalled on linux (redhat 6.1 with customized kernel)
now - win 98 client sees the share(reguar name, not long),
enters it, can copy/remove files via explorer - seems fine.
the problem is - user needs to use xcopy in some batch in order to create
files in the same directory. not xcopy nor xcopy32 work with this particular
directory. i created another one in same depth, same
permissions - xcopy succeded. Worst of all - user is sure that it worked
with the
previous version of samba (1.18p*, rh 5.2). May be, someone has seen it
before? Kind of strange behaviour... logs are clean. strace of relevant smbd
shows no errors (all stat(), open() are ok...)
i changed the log level and was able to see that smb_write gets permission
denied message, but why... The logs are available, but large a bit (~170k
the whole file)

        Thanks a lot.

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