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Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Wed Oct 4 08:05:29 GMT 2000


On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:50:30 +1000, Justen Marshall wrote:

>I'm currently experiencing an excessive amount of CPU usage by my
>smbd daemons, and was wondering what I could do to reduce it.

>  - Experimented with file transfers and discovered something
>    interesting... the copy of a 1Gb file proceeded at around 7.5Mb
>    per second, which is in line with the 9Mbps we achieved with FTP
>    (which is always expected to be a bit faster than a more complex
>    protocol). However, when copying 10,000 files of 10k each (only
>    100Mb) it took AGES, and CPU use went towards 100% for the smbd
>    thread handling the requests.

Well, most unixes do perform really bad when it comes to directories 
of such size.

>If you could please offer me any advice on how to tune Samba for high
>frequency, small size file access,

I guess you checked the standard options for such cases:

no "hide [dot] files"
no "veto files"
no "dont descend"

wide links = yes
getwd cache = yes
change notify timeout = <as much as possible>
debug level = <as low as possible>

Do you have a lot of locks? Dir you consider setting "lock directory" 
to a virtual disk in memory?

I don't know your OS but at least one of the OSs I used in the past 
had a tuning option in itself to cache more directory entries. Might 
be worth to check with your "local dealer".


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