Can't print from RH 6.1 to w98

Gerry Snyder gerrysnyder at
Wed Oct 4 03:59:43 GMT 2000

I am really amazed at what SAMBA has done for my home net. My linux  box
and my w98 now see each other's drives as desired. It has taken me
longer than I had expected, but I have no one to blame but myself (and
MS  ;-)

Only one desired capability lacking: printing from linux to w98. The
RedHat printer configuration, which I set up before I had file sharing
working in either direction, saw the w98 box and set up the printer
without a hitch. When I print something, linux sees success and the hub
lights flash, but the printer does not see anything. First question:
does w98 have any visibility into what is going on with networked
printing? Second question: any suggestions where I should look?

It's a lexmark printer that can handle either postscript or HP-style
printing. The RH setup was for a PS printer.


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