Samba always take Apache tcp port !

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Tue Oct 3 22:31:10 GMT 2000


On Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:23:12 +0200, Vladimir Vyskocil wrote:

>Why almost always samba bind to tcp port left by apache (httpd)
>after apache shutdown ie I start httpd then smbd & nmbd, then I stop 
>httpd and when I want to relaunch httpd it doesn't work because smbd 
>has bound requiered port ! Here is a dump of netstat -nap when smbd 
>has takeover needed port for httpd (2004 is a HTTP SSL port) :

First: 2003 (guess you mean this one instead of 2004) is really a bad 
choice for any server to listen on a busy machine, it will almost 
always collide with dynamically assigned ports. Try ports below 1024 
for your servers.

If I shorten your netstat output a little, I get the following:

- ESTABLISHED 21953/smbd           

Ok, that's Samba connecting to your LDAP server.

- LISTEN      21953/smbd   *             *           *       *           

Well, that's really a funny process: your smbd seems to listen for 
NETBIOS sessions (139, that's ok) as well as for HTTP (80) and HTTPS 
(443). How come? I never saw this on any of my machines.

Which OS/version are you running?
Which Samba version?
Which parameters did you give to ./configure?
Can you post your smb.conf? Your startup parameters?

Do you have lsof for your architecture? Can you do an 'lsof -p xxx' 
with xxx being smbd' PID?

I have a feeling your OS messes some things up. :-)


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