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Maurice Lafleur mlafleur at ux.cegep-heritage.qc.ca
Tue Oct 3 21:45:11 GMT 2000

David Collier-Brown wrote:
>  Quick! use "hosts allow" to exclude everyone you don't want.
> See http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/samba/chapter/book/ch06_02.html
> for a quick explanation.

Thanks. I changed my setup . Took me a moment ot figure out you need a
dot at the end when specifyin a whole class, but I got it under control

>   I have a copy in french, too, but it's paper only...

Thanks, but I find the original English versions of book usually better:
I learned all I know and teach about computers in English, so my
technical French is rather poor! Pity.

Back to Samba for a moment: I still can't get accross the router to make
my server visible to the other MT servers ans Domains. I set the "remote
announce" parameter to the MT server that's master browser in the other
segment (C class IP adress). I tried with a broadcast address
(XXX.YYY.ZZZ.255) and even with the actual IP  addess of the server
(XXX.YYY.ZZZ.6) and I can't get accross: the MT server does not see me.
Any suggestion? I followed all the instructions and entered the proper
incantations, but I'm stilll not visible on the other segment.

Best regards,

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