Set gid problem hpux10.20 2.0.7-2 binary package

Steve Cirivello scirivello at
Tue Oct 3 19:17:20 GMT 2000

Thank you kindly Giulio for the rapid response, and, a solution to the

The patch you mentioned in option 3 is NOT in the latest (2.0.7)  source
code.  Applying this patch to util_sec.c solves my "Failed to set gid
privileges" problem (encountered when attempting to browse.)

It appears that util_sec.c was re-written for Samba 2.0.6; if the problem
was introduced there, it seems to me that all versions 2.0.6 and later will
encounter this problem on HP-UX unless the patch is applied to the source
code (and the binary package is updated.)

Thanks again for your assistance.

> >[2000/10/01 16:54:44, 0] lib/util_sec.c:(69)
> >  Failed to set gid privileges to (-1,-2) now set to (0,0) uid=3D(0,0)
> >[2000/10/01 16:54:44, 0] lib/util.c:(2381)
> >  PANIC: failed to set gid
> 1)
> Create a new user, ie smbguest, with uid and gid > 0, and then use
> guest account =3D smbguest
> in smb.conf (default is nobody which has negative uid on your system)
> if this does not help
> 2)
> Look at include/config.h that samba's configure creates and see that the
> sys calls samba decides to use to switch uid/gid are appropriate for
> your system.
> 3)
> But this should be already in 2.0.7 I think.

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