problem: smbmounted share cannot see all files

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Oct 3 17:53:15 GMT 2000

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Andrew Oliver wrote:

> I have a RH 6.2 system with Samba "2.07-4".  My
> problem is that no *.bat and *.cmd files are visible
> to the samba mounted share in a paticular 3rd layer
> directory (to ls or cp).  I am assuming the remote
> machine is an NT4 server.  The bat and cmd files ARE

Could you check what it is? and get a more exact version number (the
Service Pack for NT4, server or workstation, release and name if something
OS/2 based).

Does smbclient have the same problem?

Are there a lot of *.bat and *.cmd files in that dir?

> visible from the same account on my Windows 2000
> machine .  I get no apparent errors, however this
> seems to always appear in my /var/log/messages at

If the server is a windows box, could you provide a listing of the files
that are supposed to be there? (a zip of the actual files would be ok, but
I'm not interested in the file contents just the filenames).

> thought it worth mentioning.  Also NO files except for
> these bat and cmd files seem to be  affected, which I
> find very odd.  Any ideas?  Need more info?

It could be that these files are last in the directory that the server
wants to return and that for some reason the listing is truncated. However
it is really strange if it actually does filter out things based on
filename ... could it be filtering on permissions?

> Sep 26 10:43:56 acoliver98 kernel: smb_receive_trans2:
> copied, parm=4079 of 4079, data=220 of 4079
> Sep 26 10:43:56 acoliver98 kernel: smb_receive_trans2:
> copied, parm=4079 of 4079, data=4079 of 4079

I know these ... I'm trying to help someone else figure out why his
directory listings are truncated and he get's lots of these. I have never
seen them myself vs any windows version I have tested.

That server is an OS/2 of some kind.


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