Samba crashing Debian TCP/IP stack ??

Ries van Twisk ries at
Tue Oct 3 08:09:39 GMT 2000

> I have a linux machine that is running Debian Linux with kernel
> version 2.2.17. I compiled Samba 2.0.7 and I have my configuration
> working correctly but when I put a large load on Samba, my network on
> the server crashes. It seems that it only crashed  when using Samba. I
> have ftp'ed from the server and downloaded large files and that works
> fine. I have sent large amounts of data to the server using FTP and
> that works fine. But when I transfer a lot of data using Samba, the
> network dies. I have run "/etc/init.d/networking stop" then
> "/etc/init.d/networking start" again to get everything back up. I have
> put Samba in a various debug levels but I can't find any clues.

I don't have any problems with it. I run Debian to exept:
1) I run a 2.2.16 kernel because of my raid 5 system (Dell 
poweredge 2400)
2) I compile my own samba because I needed cups support and 
potato does not have cups compiled in.

Does it run from inetd or as deamons?
I run it from deamons.


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