Memory usage in Samba 2.0.7

Scott Lawson s.lawson at
Tue Oct 3 08:18:13 GMT 2000


Seperating the smb.conf file is easy. All you need is one line. Create a master
smb.conf file that contains the global section and maybe the homes section. In
global section put in a line that reads like this :

include = /usr/local/samba/lib/includes/%u.smb.conf

This is for user specific smb.conf


include = /usr/local/samba/lib/includes/%g.smb.conf

This is for primary group specific smb.conf

Obviously the path to these files can be anything, but I would suggest you keep
them in a sub-directory called includes. (keeps things nice n neat!)

In these files place all your shares, simple eh?
This will very likely reduce your memory footprint a bit and increase speed

Good Luck!


Guo Lucy-GLG005 wrote:

> Steve,
> I'm still waiting for network connection to do further testing...
> The reason we have that big size of smb.conf file is we are serving
> thousands of users and each user/group has its own files/directories to
> share (in addition to their home directories). No one actually need all of
> those 1000 shares, the average is about 3-5 shares per person.
> I'm looking for a way to separate the smb.conf file so that different user
> will be directed to different smb.conf file. Would you have any idea to make
> it work? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> -Lucy



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