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Mon Oct 2 19:19:48 GMT 2000

Glenn MacGregor wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I just got a new box, dual processor PIII 677,
> 512 meg ram, 18 gig 10000 rpm raid 1 drives.  Running 
> RedHat 6.2 (kernal 2.2.14-6).  I have just installed samba 
> 2.0.6 to provide some shares.  This machine will
> also run dhcpd and be the primary NIS host.  I will 
> also make avaiable all the samba shares to NFS.  Do I 
> have too much going on this box or will this stand up.  
> I have about 20-25 users.

You are in good shape.  :-)  Room to grow.

Cheers, jerry
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