IPC error during Windows ME relogin

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at acu.ac.uk
Mon Oct 2 17:22:51 GMT 2000

Christopher Smith wrote:
> I'm running samba 2.0.7 on a Mandrake 7.1 system (with their secure
> 2.2.16-9 kernel). It's working very well, except for my Windows ME
> users. They can login exactly once (we're using the Samba server as a
> PDC for all the Win9x users). If they login again, I get this error in
> log.smb:
> [2000/10/02 09:22:13, 0] locking/shmem_sysv.c:sysv_shm_open(667)
>   Can't create or use IPC area. Error was File exists
> [2000/10/02 09:22:13, 0] locking/locking.c:locking_init(174)
>   ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes

It's a guess, but I'd be inclined to blame Mandrake's kernel. Mandrake
is known for using kernels which are patched with all sorts of stuff,
and are far from standard. I suggest you try compiling a kernel from the
official source tree, and see if the problem persists when running under



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