Samba and default router

Loic Mahe' mahe at
Mon Oct 2 16:13:56 GMT 2000


> If it's posible route the network traffic thrue your Linux box, then 
> apply all your filtering rules. I assume that the ISB has just a 
> ethernet connection?
Yes and (as I said in my first mail) the Win9x machines have their
default route to the ISB.

> Win95 <---->   Linux <-----------------------> ISB ---- modem
That's a lot of work and a significant change in my network's topology.

> Is the ISB capable of doing some packet filtering? Maby just deny all 
> name serving requests.
Yes, but only for "classical" protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, ...).
Denying DNS requests (if it were possible) would be quite harmful
for browsers ...

Thanks anyway.


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