I dont see my Server Samba in an NT explorer !

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Mon Oct 2 14:31:58 GMT 2000

Sounds like a normal NT browsing issue.  Microsoft still thinks the 
world is flat (or at least that networks are).  They're kind of still 
in the dark ages.  Browse masters aquire their information via 
broadcasts, and broadcasts do not traverse routers by default, and 
other kinds of networks devices can be configured to restrict broadcast 
domains.  And that, sir, is probably the cause of your problem.  If the 
SAMBA box is on a segment where there is no other NT browse master then 
you need to configure SAMBA to announce itself to the remote browse 
master in the other segment.  If you're using SWAT the param is fairly 
self-evident (called remote browser or something like that -- I'm not 
at a place where I can take a look and be precise).  You need to 
provide the name or IP of that other box.  If you are in a segment with 
a browse master already in place, it needs to share its information 
with the remote master.

-- Rob

--On 10/02/00 12:35:21 PM +0000 sebcreaweb at ifrance.com wrote:

> Hi!
> I have configure samba in the file smb.conf and after
> launch "testparm", i have not errors.
> And when i launch /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start, it's ok
> but in a distant PC (System NT), i don't see my Linux
> server in the "Network Microsfot Windows"...
> I don't understand the reason of this problem, could
> you help me, thanks.
> Regards,
> Sebastien More.
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