Need help - Trying to capture a possible windows/SMB worm

Ries van Twisk ries at
Mon Oct 2 08:16:44 GMT 2000

  Holy macrel!  With the
> increasing number of clue-deprived newbies getting DSL and cablemodem
> lines, I can see why this thing might spread really fast.

That's the same I was thinking......
I do have a cable modem and off course it's not running any kind of 
windoze. I get at least on a normal day between 10-20 port scan's at 
all kind of ports. Checking them out turns to be all sort of worms etc. 
I don't take any action on but it's just bandwith pollution :-(
These windoze people are always complaining that the network is to 
slow they really have to check themselves out first.


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